Education Leaders' Organization

The Exclusive Peer Network for School Leaders

About Us

Imagine a peer organization that helps you achieve your full potential in your career and personal life through life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning.

Introducing Education Leaders' Organization. Together we grow.

Why You Should Join ELO

When you join Education Leaders' Organization, you have exclusive access and tools to become the leader you want to become - and your community deserves. This is not your average organization. It is your opportunity to explore and improve your personal and professional live. Through the unique Forum experience, you will be placed in a small group of 6-10 of your peers around the country.

Your Forum becomes the confidential and trusted resource to help you manage through the tough decisions that come with the role of being a School Superintendent. They understand your situation of being a leader of staff, parents and the community. They provide the opportunity for you to discuss and work through the Top 5% and Bottom 5% aspects of your life without judgement.

Forum Training, Included in your membership price, is mandatory to join a Forum. The Forum Training explores the fundamentals of why small peer groups have been so impactful in other industries for the past 40 years. Utilizing methodologies of experience sharing versus advice giving protects the health of the Forum to provide the most value from your meetings and relationships.

The transformational experience of Forum will flow through other relationships as well. Helping you navigate personal growth, family, and spousal relationships.

In addition to Forum, ELO provides exclusive learning opportunities with world class experts and small environment interactions to attend online live or on demand.

Plus, ELO members have 24-hour access to the peer network through the private online community. Ask questions, review responses, add your insights, and grow relationships to help you along your leadership journey.

Education Leaders' Organization (ELO) is a carry your bag organization. Meaning the more you contribute, the more benefits you receive. There are a variety of ways to get the value you want from this peer group and it is encouraged for you to participate as much as you are willing!